Important Information on MICROPAS7 v7.3 Tax Credit Version
In February, differences were found in how MICROPAS calculates the reference home energy use due to a difference in interpretation of the RESNET tax credit procedures. Details of the situation are found in a letter dated
February 6, 2007 and an update letter dated April 4, 2007.


MICROPAS7 Tax Credit Version now available!
February 2006, the IRS rules for the tax credits for energy efficient new construction available under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 were released. A new home qualifies for a $2000 tax credit to the builder if it is certified to have 50% lower heating and cooling than the 2004 Supplement to the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). 10% of the savings must come from envelope improvements.

The IRS specified that the savings must be calculated in accordance with Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Publication No. 05-001. Read  the RESNET rules for Tax Credits.

RESNET approved the MICROPAS v7.1 Tax Credit version (v7.1) in March, 2006.  However, Enercomp chose to not release this version because the approved RESNET rules did not properly value heating vs. cooling energy when gas heating was used. Instead, Enercomp requested that RESNET revise its rules to use the normalized modified loads approach contained in the full RESNET documents. RESNET responded responded in June 2006 with Publication No. 06-001.

In October 2006, the IRS recognized these corrected rules and MICROPAS7 v7.3 has been approved by RESNET and is now ready for release. Click here for a copy of the release letter that describes how this version is different from other versions.

IRS Documents
IRS has approved MICROPAS Tax Credit Version.  Get a copy of the IRS Tax Credit Form 8908 that builders use to claim tax credits. This form has summary information on how the credits work. Read the more detailed Tax Credit Rules. Visit IRS web site with IRS Tax Credit Notice.

Weather Data
The current release of the MICROPAS Tax Credit version is intended for use in the western region of the country. The program is shipped with weather data for Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. Additional locations may be available.

Ordering Information
The MICROPAS Tax Credit version is available for $795 plus $100 per month. Click here to download the order form.

Download Latest Version - v7.30 - 11/29/2006
Download the latest version with manuals of MICROPAS v7.3 (6mb) or the  latest version without manuals  (1.6mb). These will run as a demo if you do not have have a valid MICROPAS7 tax credit version license file.


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