MICROPAS8 Approved on an Interim Basis
From an email sent to all registered users on December 17, 2009:

The California Energy Commission approved MICROPAS8 on December 16th.
1. Attached is an order form or the form is available at www.micropas.com. The base cost is $400. Please see the order form for details. To order, please sign and complete the order form and either mail it, scan and email it or fax it back to us. As our call volume goes up substantially during the initial release, if at all possible please mail, email or fax your order instead of calling.
2. We are doing an all electronic distribution of the program this time. We expect to post the software for downloading by Monday, December 21st. We will email you the license file so it is critical that your order form have a valid email address. Without the license file, the program runs as a demo version.
This new version operates the same as the existing version, so it will not take long for existing users to make the switch. There are a few new inputs, mostly related to the roof/attic configuration and for mechanical ventilation. A file converter is included that will enable you to use your existing files as a starting point.
We do plan on offering training, possibly online, but this will be scheduled in a few weeks. As always, we are both available to help with any issues as you begin using the new software, and the changes will be detailed in the User’s Manual.
We look forward to working with you to implement these new standards.
Ken Nittler, P.E.
Dee Anne Ross
Enercomp, Inc.
Note: Because of the Commission's desire to implement the standards on January 1st as planned, approval has been granted on an interim basis through March 31st, 2010, as there are a few details left to complete. For MICROPAS, the compliance results are solid and we do not expect compliance results to change, but there is some additional work on the compliance forms and a few user details yet to be completed. So you can expect to see an update in the near future.

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